Amoodeh Zinc oxide company started its production activities since 2001.
Amoodeh produces the highest quality zinc oxide productions through standardized operations management, efficient professional services and material control system.
We put creativity in the manufacturing processes and in developing our zinc oxide product and put priority in developing quality teamwork that comes from being service-minded.
Our zinc oxide Products find their applications in the production of Tires & Rubbers, Glass & Ceramics, Cosmetics, Footwear, Zinc based chemical, Agriculture & Animal feeds etc.
With an unsurpassed reputation and years of industry experience, Amoodeh is proud to be one of the leading providers of zinc oxide and in the country.

Our vision in Amoodeh Zinc is at the heart of our commitment. Develop innovative products by applying technologies and maintaining the value of the company we learn.
The goal is to become a popular brand, a creator of innovation and a trusted industry company. In this regard, we are devoting our efforts to creativity, innovation and values.
We deliver the best products and services to industries through our passion for innovation and performance.
We are eager to explore new areas of business and continue our journey through the history of innovation.
Amoodeh is met with new challenges and opportunities with all the passions.