Social responsibility

The Amoodeh company has a serious role to play as an industrial complex in the development of its social responsibility activities as an important issue on its agenda. We are committed to our social and cultural duties. And in the process, we will strive to continue the core concepts of the corporate slogan to continue to be together with all our dear compatriots.

The Amoodeh company considers socializing as not only a social responsibility but also a social responsibility to facilitate social problems and challenges and hopes to play an effective role in ameliorating social harm by honest and effective association with society and social activities.

Supporting cultural, artistic and educational programs is one of the company’s priorities in social responsibility and companionship. We hope that with the proper support of Iranian culture and art we can play a role in nurturing the talents and creativity of this land.

Following the social responsibility of Amoodeh company for environmental compliance in order to achieve environmental sustainability goals, the proposed solutions are:

  • Formulation of production policies commensurate with environmental regulations
  • Environmental investments